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St. Francis Pet Services began business in 1990 and has provided humane, sensitive and compassionate cremation service to thousands of pet owners and well over 100 veterinary clinics. Our goal is to provide cremation service that recognizes the importance of our pets in a caring, timely, accurate and reliable fashion. We recognize how important our pets are to us and the importance of sensitive treatment and care once they have passed away.


Office of St. Francis Pet Services
In December of 2004 we moved to our new facility and added a second, larger cremation oven, which has enabled us to provide our service to a growing base of veterinary clinics, and individual pet owners. In 2013 we added a third oven to further increase our capacity We comply with all South Carolina DHEC regulations with regard to our equipment and processes. We welcome visits from individuals and clinic personnel. Visits can be scheduled by calling us during normal business hours.